# Managing business licenses

When you buy two or more business licenses(opens new window) you get access to a license portal where you can assign and revoke licenses from your users. Folge activation and deactivation on their machines happens automatically.

# License Portal overview

License portal can reached https://tower.folge.me/license-manager(opens new window) .

You need to login with the email and password your received from Folge after buying licenses.


# Assigning license to the user

Before you assign a license, ask your users to download Folge(opens new window) , install it and create account using user icon:

Locating user icon

Locating user icon

Creating an account

Creating account

Once user has created an account, you can use "Assign seat to" field to assign a license to them. Folge will automatically unlock itself.

Revoking a license happens when you click "Unassign license" button.