# Application Settings

Folge' settings screen can be either accessed by clicking Folge icon in tray or menubar and selecting Settings, or from the app itself from the Menu sidebar.

# Capturing

# Capture outside clicks

Default value: Off. By default Folge captures screenshots when you only click inside the capturing area ( dotted rectangle you resize before starting capturing ). If you enable this option, Folge will also consider clicks outside it and will treat them as a command to make a screenshot.

# Screenshot delay

Default value: 0. If you specify any number greater than 0, this delay will be made between mouse click ( or hotkeys press ) and actual screenshot capturing. Can be useful when the app you are working with has slow UI interactions.

# Simple Capture Confirmation

Default value: On. When you perform the simple capture, after selecting the area of the screen to be screenshotted, you need to confirm by clicking the OK button. If you toggle the "Simple Capture Confirmation" option to Off, confirmation will be omitted, and the screenshot will be taken right after you release your mouse when selecting the area.

# Show Cursor

Default value: Hand

With this option you can specify the cursor and shape that will be added to the screenshots at the spot where you clicked your mouse. You can specify the type of cursor, shape and color. By default yellow circle with hand cursor is used:

# Mode

Option that gives a lot of flexibility for capturing. This allows you to specify how exactly you want Folge to make screenshots during capturing mode.

  1. Capture on mouse click - default and the basic one. Each time you click with your mouse, Folge makes a capture. Used together with Capture outside clicks option.

  2. Capture with a mouse click and the key pressed - Folge with only capture when you are pressing defined the key and click with your mouse.

  3. No capture when mouse clicked and key is pressed - pretty useful when you want to capture on your mouse clicks, but holding specified key will not trigger a capture. You can for example work with your app, and once you want to change something in it, just hold key and click.

# Automated annotations

Default value: On.

When you interact with any UI element, such as a button, text field, input, or other Folge will attempt to extract its metadata. It will then parse the element's title, value, or type and use that information to prefill your step title.

  • "Step Title - parsed"

Default value: Click "[[element-name]]"

When Folge manages to get the title/value of the clicked value, it will set Step Title to the value of this option and will replace [[element-name]] with the element value or type. For example, if you click the button with the name "Submit", Folge will put Click "Submit" into the Step Title

  • "Step Title - not parsed"

Default value: Click here

When Folge can't extract any meaningful information, it will set Step Title as the value of this option. So, if you click a blank space, Folge will put Click here into the Step Title.

# Hotkeys

In this section you can define hotkeys that can be used for speeding up capturing process.

# Start and complete capturing

This combination can be used for starting and finishing the capturing process. When you use it to start capturing, a new guide will be created automatically.

# Pause and resume capturing

This combination can be used while you are in the capturing mode to pause or resume capturing. Same effect as pressing Pause/Finish in the floating window during capturing.

# Capture a screenshot

This combination can be used during capturing to capture a screenshot without the need for clicking with your mouse. Useful for when you want to make a screenshot of your app without clicking or so.

# Take simple screenshot

This combination can be used while editing any guide. By pressing this combination you will be immedetally taken into a capturing mode to take a simple screenshot, which will be appended to the current guide as a new step.

# Application

Here you can change application-wide settings:

# Focused view for new steps

Default value: On. If option is set to *On all new steps will be created with the Focused View option. Focused View can also be manually turned on the step or guide basis. Read more about Focused View.

# Enable spellchecker in editor

Default value: On. Whether spellcheck will be enabled in guide and step description editors. In order to change languages, right click on those editors and choose languages for spell checking

# Preview PDF Steps

Default value: 5. Adjust how many steps are included when you preview a PDF export.

# App language

Folge is currently fully translated into 3 languages: English, German, French. More are coming in the future.