# Focused view

# Introduction

The focused view is a special mode ( enabled by default ) that ensures that your steps in the export all have the same width and proper height.

Instead of exporting the whole window of, for example, Chrome browser, you can enable the focus view mode that automatically focuses on the cursor and scales the image. Below is a short video of how full-screen screenshots can be converted to automatic focus mode with one click.

The focus mode can be turned on or off per step. More about this is below.

Focus mode never modifies your original image, so you can safely turn it on and see if it works for you or not. Automatic focusing happens on the cursor.

# Controls

An image

Focus mode has three main controls:

  • Switch for toggling on and off
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Dragging

Dragging can be achieved by holding Space button and dragging the image inside the focused view

# Enabling and Disabling

Focused mode is very flexible in terms of quickly enabling and disabling it.

# Per Step

You can enable/disable Focus mode per step, as shown in the video above by clicking the switch

# For all steps in a guide

Go to Guide Details and click Enable/Disable button under the Guide Description:

# For all newly created steps

Go to App Settings -> Application -> Focused view for new steps

If this options is enabled, all new steps will have Focused mode enabled

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