# Export format: JSON

Folge can output your guide as a json file and put screenshots next to it in a folder called steps-GUIDE_TITLE. Json format is handy for transforming a guide into something new or uploading it into your system.

Here is a structure of a typical guide:

    "guide": {
        "title": "Guide Title",
        "description": "<p>Guide Description</p>"
    "steps": [
        /* Array of steps */
            "id": "afnyFqL_olK0JWZzqynLU",
            "index": 0, /* Step' index, integer. Relative to the current nesting level */
            "parentId": null, /* Parent step ID, if current step is nested */
            "title": "Step title",
            "description": "<p>Step description</p>",
            "screenshotFilename": "step-0.jpeg", /* File name of the step image  */
            "indexString": "1", /* String representation of index. Can be something like 1.2.4 */
            /* Step blocks in this step */
            "textBlocks": [
                    "title": "Titlefewfe",
                    "description": "Description",
                    "type": "info",
                    "position": "before-description" /* Where this text block should be displayed: before-description, after-description */
            /* Full path to the step image */
            "screenshotRelativePath": "steps-untitled___2023_02_26_12_29/step-0.jpeg",
            /* If multiImageSubSteps is present, this means current step is multi image and images inside this array should be appended after the current step's image*/
            "multiImageSubSteps": [
                    "id": "tiLGrKMYWxMB5mja2Gf_s",
                    "index": 0,
                    "parentId": "afnyFqL_olK0JWZzqynLU",
                    "title": "",
                    "description": "",
                    "screenshotFilename": "step-00.jpeg",
                    "indexString": "1.1",
                    "textBlocks": [],
                    "screenshotRelativePath": "steps-untitled___2023_02_26_12_29/step-00.jpeg"