# Multi Image Step

Multi Image Step allows you to have multiple images in one step during export. This is useful when explaining a certain feature or workflow using two or more screenshots and not expanding it into multiple steps.

Here is how you can create a multi-image step.

First, you need to organize your steps in the sidebar in the following way:

Non default
Your main step is a parent one, and all additional ones should be its sub steps.


Don't know how to organize steps into substeps? Find the answer here

After this, select Parent Step in the sidebar and click Step Settings in the right column:


Toggle the Multi Step Image option On

Non default

After doing this, you will notice that Parent Step in the sidebar now has a Multi Step Image icon. This is for you to see which steps are Multi Image and which are regular.

Non default

Once you are done, go to export and export this document. The final result will look like the following ( for PDF ):

Non default

As you can see, your Parent step is rendered as follows:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Parent Step Image
  • Additional Image 1
  • Additional Image 2

# Managing substeps

By default only substep' image is displayed. If you want to show title or description, click the eye icon. It is also possible to change the order of the elements by dragging them:

Non default