Folge - The fastest tool for creating step-by-step guides.

Easily create professional visual guides and tutorials in minutes.

What is it?

A desktop tool to capture steps with every click of the mouse, customize screenshots, create annotations, and generate the final guide in HTML, .doc, PDF, and more.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to help others easily navigate products, applications, training, tasks, or any process.

How it works

Launch Folge and work on your app. Everything is captured automatically
1. Select area to capture
Work with the tools and services you use.
2. Continue working as usual
Automatically take screenshots with every click of your mouse.
3. Customize steps
Highlight and blur out areas, add arrows, text and much more.
4. Export guide
With the click of a button, generate a guide and share it in HTML, .doc, PDF, or the cloud.
Download Folge public beta
What you can do with Folge?
Take screenshots of apps, any selected area on your desktop or fullscreen. Pause, adjust, and resume. Screenshots with every click.
Give each step a name and description. Reorder them, hide them, and add new ones on the fly. Organize guides in projects.
Bring more details to screenshots by adding shapes, arrows, lines, and text. Blur out sensitive information. Add step icons for multi-step instructions.
Export with one click to simple HTML, ready to be published to your help desk, rich HTML, or PDF ready to share with others. Upload your guides to the cloud and get a shareable link.
Folge is a desktop application
Available for:
Current version: 0.3.0 ( released May 14th ) - Changelog