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See why thousands pick Folge as the better documentation tool over other solutions in the industry. Know before you buy.
System Requirements: Windows 7 ( partial support), 8, 8.1, 10. OSX > 10.10. Available in 🇬🇧, 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇪🇸 and 🇵🇹/🇧🇷 languages.
Folge is a Scribe Alternative
ScribeHow Alternative

Scribe is an automated screen capture and process documentation software to build and share how-tos. Folge has similar and even more features.

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Folge is a Tango Alternative
Tango Alternative

Tango takes the pain out of documenting processes by automatically generating how-to guides while you work. Folge does exactly the same, but securely and for a lower price

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Folge is an Iorad Alternative
Iorad Alternative

Iorad is an outstanding and uncomplicated browser extension that produces guided, step-by-step instructions for any website quickly. Folge does the same, however it is less expensive.

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Folge is a ScreenSteps Alternative
ScreenSteps Alternative

ScreenSteps is a knowledgebase builder and successor to Clarify. But it is not suitable for personal usage and is extremely expensive. Folge has a lot of similar features and is cheap.

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Folge is a Flowshare Alternative
Flowshare Alternative

Flowshare is a Windows desktop app similar to Folge, but with minimal customization options in basic paid plan, without a free version. Folge works on Mac and Windows.

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Folge is a Stepshot Alternative
Stepshot Alternative

Stepshot app is no longer developed and is not available to download. Folge is updated on a monthly basis.

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Folge is a Clarify Alternative
Clarify Alternative

We all loved Clarify for its simplicity, but it is discountinued since 2018. Folge works on all Macs and has a separate version for M1 chips

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Folge is a Microsoft Steps Recorder Alternative
Microsoft Steps Recorder Alternative

Microsoft deprecated the Steps Recorder ( PSR Problems Steps Recorder ) in early 2024. Folge is the closest alternative to Steps Recorder and works on both Windows and Mac

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