Looking for an alternative to Folge is a Flowshare AlternativeFlowshare?

Meet Folge, the faster, powerful alternative you and your company will love. Way better features, super-friendly support, and predictable pricing.
System Requirements: Windows 7 ( partial support), 8, 8.1, 10. OSX > 10.10. Available in 🇬🇧, 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇪🇸 and 🇵🇹/🇧🇷 languages.

Fair pricing

You pay a one-time price for Folge. No hidden upgrade fees or monthly charges. Pay once, and get the app forever with all updates and new features. Like the good old days.

Advanced customizations

You can customize every aspect of the final guide: colors, fonts, images, layout, additional information. You will love it.

Cross platform

Unlike Flowshare, Folge is available for both Windows and Mac. Folge works with newest M1/M2 chipsets.

Why choose Folge over Flowshare?

Folge is a popular alternative to Flowshare. It is the perfect option for people who wish to generate attractive, interactive documentation, step-by-step instructions and courses. By virtue of its custom design capabilities and cost-effective pricing, Folge permits individuals and organisations of all sizes to swiftly make impressive documentation and share them with their cooworkers and users.

One time price

Folge has a very transparent pricing strategy with three versions. Use the free version for as long as you want, or upgrade for a one-time price to a personal license.

Are you a business and need more flexibility and features? The business license lets you reuse licenses for your employees.Flowshare starts at $21/month/user.

For lesser features and restricted access, you'll likely pay hundreds of dollars to Flowshare annually, which is very expensive.

Advanced customizations

You can customize every aspect of your guide when working with Folge. It all starts with capturing, where you can choose to capture only window you are working with, or specific region or full screen, and you can switch between these modes on fly. When your process is captured, you start with customizing an editing images.

The Image Editor provides a wide range of tools to modify your screenshots as you need them: WYISIWYG editor, nest steps, create multi image steps, Add new steps on the fly from new captures, existing images, clipboard content, or have no-image steps.

Use one of multiple tools to add context to your screenshots. Each tool can be adjust as you want: colors, width, special properties: Rectangle, Ellipse, Lines, Various Arrows, brush, text ( any font, color, etc ), step numbers, blur, highlight, magnify, orc, crop.

And finally export your guide into one of many formats: PDF, Doc, PPT, two HTML, JSON, MD, and more coming. Add logos, use custom CSS, colors of your brand, localize, add borders to images and much more.

Pay once. Get app forever

Give Folge a try, it's free forever up to 5 guides and PDF exports. One price, all features: no recurring fees, upgrade charges, no bad surpises. Your data is with you forever
Personal License

69€ or $75

Learn more >
Free Version✅ Yes❌ No
One time price✅ Yes❌ No
Multiplatform✅ Yes, Mac and Windows❌ No, only Windows
Unlimited Guides in Paid Version✅ Yes✅ Yes
Capture active window, full screen or region✅ Yes❌ Only window
Capture web and desktop✅ Yes✅ Yes
OCR in editor✅ Yes❌ No
PDF, HTML export✅ Yes✅ Yes
Word, Powerpoint, JSON, Markdown exports✅ Yes❌ Only in Professional edition
Exports localisation✅ Yes❌ No
WYSIWYG editor✅ Yes❌ No
Blur, magnify, step numbers, highlight tools✅ Yes❌ Partially
Additional information blocks✅ Yes❌ No
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Start creating your documentation right now!

Folge is a desktop application. Download and use it for free forever or upgrade for lifetime features and support.

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System Requirements: Windows 7 ( partial support), 8, 8.1, 10. OSX > 10.10. Available in 🇬🇧, 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇪🇸 and 🇵🇹/🇧🇷 languages.
The Gold Standard Of Guide Creation
Jonathan, Product Director

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Flowshare?

FlowShare is a Windows app that automatically documents any click of your software process for an effortless creation of beautiful step-by-step guides.

Is Flowshare free?

No. Flowshare doesn't offer a free version, only trial access for 14 days.

What is Folge?

Folge is an affordable and multiplatform FlowShare alternative. Folge is a powerful desktop tool to create, manage and share your processes and knowledge.

Is Folge free?

Yes. Folge has both free and paid versions. You can use the free version for 5 guides and export to PDF. If you want more feature you can pay an affordable one time price and get app, and all future features and bug fixes. You own your data and your guides