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Easily create step-by-step guides and documentation of any process.

Folge is a simple, free and powerful desktop tool to create, manage and share your processes and knowledge.

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How it works
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Step 1

Capture workflow

Work with your applications, websites or any other process. Folge automatically captures your work and takes screenshots on each mouse click.

  • Capture only app you are working.
  • Capture fullscreen or specific area.
  • Make screenshots with mouse clicks, hotkeys or combinations.
  • Pause to re-arrange your work and to add context
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Step 2

Edit and customize each step

Rearrange your steps, remove and add new ones. Add title and description to each step and communicate on step image using one of 9 annotation tools.

  • Give each step a name and description.
  • Reorder steps, hide, add sub steps to expand the context.
  • Redact, blur, add arrows, shapes, zoom in areas and many more.
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Step 3

Export your guide to 7 formats and share

Once you are done with customization, export your guide in one of 7 formats and customize layout as you want. Use your fonts, custom colors or ever CSS to change layout. Embed guide into Confluence, Sharepoint, or your existing knowledge base.

  • Export to one of 7 formats: PDF, HTML, Powerpoint, Word and more.
  • Use your fonts, colors, logos, custom CSS.
  • Customize layout and sizes as much as you need.
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Start using Folge for free now

Fast and simple

Simple, time- and cost-saving solution

It takes one single app and less than 10 min to create a tutorial or guide. Folge is a fast, intuitive solution for taking 1-click screenshots and accompanying them with the text.

Simple, time- and cost-saving solution.
No more repetitive and routine actions.
Kill manual work

No more repetitive and routine actions

Showing the same thing over and over, walking your peers through some standard issues every single day, handling manual support frequently... forget about it.

Share your work

Exports that work everywhere and for everyone

Export your step-by-step guide in 7 formats, customize and control every small element of the output, share guides with your users, colleagues or clients. Use guides for literally every possible case and system.

Embed guide into Confluence, Sharepoint, Help Scout, Zendesk and any other knowledge base tool.

Exports that work everywhere and for everyone
No more repetitive and routine actions.
Secure and Private

Your information and guides are safe

Stop worrying about sensitive information in your guides. Unlike other cloud based tools, Folge doesn't share or send any information to the server or cloud, leaving all your data on your computer. Folge is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to take control of their data and collaborate with others securely.

No more manual work with Microsoft Word and screenshot tools

Customizable capturing

Capture on mouse clicks, keypress, keycombination

Automated annotations

Prefill step titles with data from clicks

Free forever version

Use free version with limited features

No BS pricing

Full app for one-time price with all future updates and features

Nested steps

Nest steps to create multi-steps instructions


Word-like editor for step description


Add circles, rectangles, arrows, text, step numbers, and more

Special tools

Blur sensitive data, highlight important pieces, and magnify tool


Export into PDF, Word, Powerpoint, HTML, JSON, Markdown


HTML guides are compatible with Confluence, Zendesk, Sharepoint.


Customize feel and look of any export format


Use Folge on Mac or Windows

Translated UI

Folge is available in English, French and German

Over 1,000 customers trust Folge with their documentation. See what they say:

“Very easy to use, developer is very helpful and friendly. I bought this as a replacement for 'Clarify-it' which was discontinued. But Folge is much better, with more features and less bugs."
Jen D.
“I used to spend a lot of time taking screenshots and pasting them into Keynote, editing, etc. Now it's much easier, all in one and exporting to PDF."
Mykhailo L, CTO
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“Easy to install, clean and good structured user interface. Folge works just beside, not disturbing the workflow of the actual work. Good set of export formats"
Gernot K., Architect
“There are many things that I love about Folge, however the main feature for me is being able to easily create step by step guides with ease."
Jonathan I., Product Director
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Start creating your documentation right now!

Folge is a desktop application. Download and use it for free forever or upgrade for lifetime features and support.

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System Requirements: Windows 7 ( partial support), 8, 8.1, 10. OSX > 10.10. Available in 🇬🇧, 🇫🇷, 🇩🇪, 🇪🇸 and 🇵🇹/🇧🇷 languages.
The Gold Standard Of Guide Creation
Jonathan, Product Director