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Navigating the myriad of technical documentation software can be daunting. After testing various tools, I found many lacking, prompting the creation of Folge.

January 22, 2024 - Oleksii Sribnyi


When I’ve looked for technical documentation software, I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of tools on the market. I’ve tested several tools to create clear, concise, and accessible technical documentation. I was largely unsatisfied with the results, which led me to create Folge. The quality of your technical documentation is the difference between happy users and a desk piled high with angry support tickets.

With developers juggling code writing, bug fixing, and looming deadlines, this leaves very little time for crafting helpful documentation. That's where technical documentation software comes into play. But with so many options out there, it’s worth taking a few tools and platforms for a spin before settling on a tool for creating user documentation. Let’s break down how to find the best software for technical documentation.

Finding The Best Technical Documentation Software

My journey to finding the best technical documentation tool began with frustration. My current tools felt clunky, lacked collaboration features, and made me yearn for the simplicity of a well-written README. So, I started looking further afield trying everything from behemoths like Adobe FrameMaker to newcomers like Scribe. I struggled to find tools that made it easy for me to intuitively share processes and knowledge.

Capture Workflow

The Contenders

Markdown Masters

Tools like Read the Docs and GitBook championed simplicity, letting me write in clean Markdown and focus on content. While great for lightweight projects, they lacked features for version control or rich media embedding. I wanted the freedom to customize the design of my documentation and embed a range of media. I knew this would engage readers and make the technical documentation genuinely useful.

Collaboration Champions

Confluence and Atlassian Wiki offered teamwork capabilities, but their learning curve felt like scaling Mount Everest. Navigating the tools became a maze, and customization options felt overwhelming. I had gone from one extreme to another. Trying these tools did give me confidence that there were at least a few solutions that offered highly effective teamwork and collaboration features.

The All-in-One Approach

ClickHelp and Document360 promised everything under one roof: WYSIWYG editors, templates, analytics, and even knowledge base options. But the price tags matched their feature-packed nature, making them less appealing for smaller projects or solo developers. While the price tags are justified, I needed a solution that I could use that wasn’t going to break the bank for me.

Folge is a perfect tool for creating guides, training manuals and documentation.

Folge Makes Writing Technical Documentation For Software A Breeze

I decided to throw in the towel and write my own documentation software. Folge is an app designed to support the easy creation of step-by-step guides and documentation. I wanted to develop a platform that offered maximum customization and flexibility for those looking to produce technical guides. Now, over 1,000 Folge users trust our platform for documenting processes and sharing their knowledge.

What Makes Folge Click?

Screenshots Made Simple

Folge integrates seamlessly with your screen, letting you capture images and annotate them in seconds. No more fiddling with separate screenshot tools and image editors!

Crystal-Clear Instructions

Each step can have its own dedicated section, complete with text formatting options and visual aids. No more walls of text that would send users running for the hills.

Effortless Organization

Folge's drag-and-drop interface makes structuring your guides simple. Grouping steps into logical sections and adding headings was smooth and intuitive.

Plenty Of Export Options

While Folge isn't a full-fledged collaboration platform, it did allow me to share drafts with others for feedback and suggestions. Simple, effective, and perfect for my solo dev workflow.

Folge Is An Effective Tool For Creating Step-By-Step Guides

My documentation journey wasn't about finding the "best" tool in some absolute sense. It was about discovering the software that fit my needs and workflow like a well-tailored code editor. I designed Folge with a focus on visual simplicity and ease of use. It’s never been easier to create step-by-step guides. The tool lets you generate clear, user-friendly documentation without sacrificing precious development time.

So, fellow developers, don't despair! The right technical documentation software is out there waiting you to take for a spin. Keep an open mind, try different options, and remember, sometimes the simplest solutions can are the most effective. Try Folge today for free.

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