SaaS User Best User Onboarding Tools For Creating Sticky Users

Discover the Best User Onboarding Tools: Streamline onboarding, engage users with interactive experiences, and drive retention by showcasing your SaaS product's value. Ensure users unlock product benefits from the start

October 04, 2023 - Oleksii Sribnyi


The best user onboarding tools will:

  • Streamline the user onboarding process.
  • Engage users through interactive experiences.
  • Provide clear and concise instructions to users.
  • Monitor user behavior and provide insights for optimization.
  • Help users quickly understand the value of your product.
  • Drive user retention through continuous engagement.

When I'm looking for user onboarding tools, I want to see how effectively the tool can help set new users on the right path and enable them to unlock value from a SaaS product. The goal of user onboarding is not just to teach users about a product, but also to showcase its value and how it can solve their problems.

The effectiveness of the onboarding process often determines whether users continue to use the product or abandon it. In other words, if you want to build a base of sticky users and keep user churn low, you need to lay the groundwork for this in the onboarding process.

First impressions matter - and a meticulously crafted onboarding process can have a big impact. A good user onboarding tool should offer a way to streamline the onboarding process, ensuring it's not only comprehensive and informative but also engaging and enjoyable for the users. It's not enough for users to simply understand how to use your product; they must also see its value and how it can benefit them.

Best User Onboarding Tools: Try Folge

As a platform for easily creating step-by-step guides and documentation of any process, Folge is an essential tool for your user onboarding technology stack.

When it comes to sharing your knowledge and educating users on how they can hit the ground running with your product and unlock value from the outset, you can use Folge to develop all the necessary documentation needed for an effective onboarding experience.

Capture, Edit, & Share With Folge

Folge enables you to capture workflows effortlessly. As you walk through processes, Folge can capture screenshots in real-time with each mouse click, ensuring the user has a comprehensive understanding of each step involved.

The tool also comes with some impressive editing capabilities that allow you to transform box-standard how-to guides and tutorials into resources that will ignite the imagination of users.

After all, an effective user onboarding process should get users excited about what’s to come. In many ways, you are still selling the product to the users during the onboarding process.

With Folge’s editor, you can add titles, descriptions, and even annotations to each step. This brings clarity and depth to the onboarding resources - which will inevitably make them more understandable and easier to follow for users.

Folge's Flexible Exporting Options

Another feature that makes Folge stand out is the flexible exporting options offered by the tool. With Folge, users can export their guides in seven different formats. This makes Folge highly flexible, catering to a wide range of specific requirements.

Alongside this, Folge also lets users customize the layout and design of their exported guides. This means businesses can maintain brand consistency across their guides - which can contribute to a unified and professional image during the onboarding process.

How Can User Onboarding Drive Retention?

It's no secret that a well-executed user onboarding process can lead to higher user retention. An effective onboarding process makes users "sticky" and enables them to find value in your product and continue using it over time.

This is where a tool like Folge comes into play, ensuring that your users don't just understand your product, but also recognize its value and know how to get started with using it.

Key Features To Look For In User Onboarding Tools

When seeking a user onboarding tool, it's crucial to consider features like process capture, step editing, flexibility in exporting, and customization. Each of these features contributes to creating a seamless onboarding experience for users.

Why Choose Folge Over Other Solutions?

While there is no shortage of user onboarding tools on the market, the advantages of using Folge for creating onboarding resources extend beyond just its comprehensive features.

It's a user-friendly tool, offering a free version and a clear pricing structure. Folge is available in multiple languages, including English, French, and German - which makes it useful for SaaS founders across the globe.

Best User Onboarding Tools: Get Started With Folge

If you are looking to create a user onboarding experience that gives new users all the necessary information they need to fully realize the value of your product, Folge is a solid choice.

Folge’s feature set is designed to meet both your business needs and your users' needs, ensuring an optimal onboarding experience that drives user engagement and retention.

Why not give Folge a try today?

Experience a new level of user engagement and retention with this tool.

Download Folge for free and get started today.

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