Best Practices For Creating An Employee Onboarding Guide Checklist

Get your employees on the same page with our best practices for creating an employee onboarding guide. Learn how to engage with new hires and provide an effective onboarding process.
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1. Establish an onboarding timeline

Develop a timeline for the onboarding process and ensure that all necessary steps are completed prior to the employee’s first day.

2. Collect all necessary documents

Gather all necessary documents from the new hire, such as IDs and tax forms.

3. Introduce the new hire to the team

Introduce the new hire to the team and ensure that they have access to relevant resources and contacts.

4. Provide orientation materials

Provide orientation materials that cover the company’s mission, values, and culture.

5. Outline job responsibilities

Explain the new hire’s job responsibilities and provide training materials to help them understand their role.

6. Set performance goals

Set performance goals and expectations for the new hire and provide feedback regularly.

7. Provide feedback and mentor

Assign a mentor to the new hire and provide feedback throughout the onboarding process.

8. Evaluate progress

Evaluate the new hire’s progress during the onboarding process and provide additional guidance if needed.

9. Celebrate milestones

Celebrate milestones in the onboarding process to show that the company values the new hire.
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