IT Support Documentation Creation Checklist

Craft the perfect IT support documentation with our easy-to-use checklist - get advice on topics like structure and tone of voice. Create the perfect support document today!
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1. Determine the purpose and scope of the document

Establish the purpose and scope of the document, including what it is intended to cover and who it will be for.

2. Gather information and resources

Collect all relevant information, resources, and data needed to create the document from existing sources.

3. Design the structure of the document

Decide on a structure and format for the document that will make it easy to read and navigate.

4. Create the initial draft

Create the initial draft of the document, taking into account any feedback or comments.

5. Review and revise

Review the document and make any necessary revisions or additions.

6. Finalize and publish

Finalize the document and publish it for use.

7. Maintain and update

Monitor and update the document regularly to ensure accuracy and applicability.
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