How To Create Customer Support Guide Checklist

Get the essential tips and tricks you need to create a customer support guide. Our checklist will help you write engagingly, so you can build meaningful customer relationships.
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1. Identify customer support goals

Clarify what you want your customer support team to do and define the customer experience you want to provide.

2. Establish customer support workflow

Create a workflow that outlines how customer support requests will be handled, from initial query to resolution.

3. Outline customer support policies

Decide on policies for handling customer inquiries, such as handling times, response times, refund policies, and more.

4. Create customer support documentation

Create a knowledge base and other documentation to help customers find answers to their questions without relying on customer support.

5. Develop customer support scripts and templates

Create standard scripts and templates for customer support agents to use when responding to customer inquiries.

6. Set up customer support tools

Choose and set up customer support tools to help your team manage customer inquiries more efficiently.

7. Train customer support staff

Teach customer support staff how to use your customer support tools and scripts, as well as how to handle customer inquiries and provide excellent customer service.

8. Monitor and adjust customer support processes

Regularly monitor customer support processes to identify areas of improvement and adjust the customer support workflow and policies as needed.
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