Create Business Process Documentation Checklist

Make sure your business processes are documented and up to date. Our checklist helps you create process documents quickly and easily. Improve your processes and ensure success with our engaging guide.
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1. Identify the business process

Determine the scope and objectives of the process documentation.

2. Gather information

Collect information about the current process from stakeholders, such as owners, managers, and employees.

3. Create diagrams

Create diagrams, such as flowcharts, to help visualize the process.

4. Describe the process

Describe each step of the process in detail, including all relevant information.

5. Review and revise

Have stakeholders review and revise the documentation to ensure accuracy.

6. Finalize and distribute

Finalize the process documentation and distribute to stakeholders.

7. Monitor and update

Monitor the process to identify changes and update the documentation as needed.
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