How To Create Perfect Screenshots Checklist

Creating perfect screenshots doesn't have to be overwhelming. Follow our easy-to-use checklist and get tips for making your screenshots stand out. Make your screenshots shine with our help!
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1. Choose the right device

Select the device that best fits the needs of the screenshot.

2. Select the right size

Consider the size of the device and the size of the screenshot that will be used.

3. Use proper resolution

Make sure the resolution of the screenshot is appropriate for the device.

4. Choose the right angle

Select the angle that best shows off the features of the screenshot.

5. Create the proper background

Choose a background that is simple and does not distract from the screenshot.

6. Utilize the proper color palette

Make sure the colors used are appropriate for the device and the application.

7. Use the correct text size

Make sure the text is legible and stands out against the background.

8. Utilize the correct text style

Select a font that is easy to read and fits the style of the application.

9. Add annotations

Include annotations to the screenshot to help explain the features of the application.

10. Review the screenshot

Check the screenshot to ensure that it looks perfect before it is used.
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